About Us

The Trinity Centre was built in 1979 to service the recreational needs of the residents of Fishermead in Milton Keynes.

Over the years it has held many local events. Many adult Fishermead residents have fond memories of going to playschool and youth club back in those early days and still access the centre to this day.

The Ecumenical Church has worked in conjunction with the Centre from the beginning and we are proud to say that that partnership still stands today proving how successful the relationship is. The Centre has not changed much up to this point but is due for some radical changes from August 2012. The first phase of the renovations will affect Hall 3, storage /office areas, the main reception, and the proposed new meeting room. Phase 2 will hopefully be continued shortly after the completion of phase 1 and that work will centre around Halls 1 + 2 and the huge roller doors that partition off the halls.

The centre is run by the Trinity Trust, a registered charity

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to create a safe space free from hierarchy, oppression and conflict. We welcome everyone who enters this space with respect for our aims

  • The Centre is an inclusive, welcoming space governed and defined by its users, which nurtures a supportive and participatory community.

  • We shall endeavor to organise events that foster communication, interaction and exchange between diverse groups across the community including students, local residents, youths and adults alike.

  • We will provide an example of a successful social enterprise that inspires and supports social entrepreneurship in the community.

  • We will encourage collaborative thinking and the exploration of ideas.

  • We will collaborate with existing community groups in Milton Keynes that can benefit from a regular space for meetings and events and from interaction with other groups and the wider community to add value to the services we offer.

  • We consider ethical principles in the sources of funding, investment of funds and services offered.

To contact us please call 01908 660401 or click here