Fishermead Trinity Centre

Refurbishment, Phase 1

Fishermead Trinity CentreWith the completion of the new office, Phase 1 of the refurbishment is pretty much complete. This page will remain on the site as a reminder of the wonderful transformation that we have achieved and serve as a huge thank you to all those people concerned without which this could not have happened. For more recent news of what is happening at The Centre, please see the further information pages for updates.

Hall 3 August 2012 the work is starting, so what do you think of it so far? Yes, I know it looks just like it did before but a lot of hard graft has gone into it to get to this stage. I am sure the builders have blisters and blood stains to prove it! It’s difficult at this stage to imagine the finished result but the wait will be worth it.

Fishermead Trinity CentreSo here is proof that the work has started, some of the rubbish being taken out of the Centre, there’s more where that came from!.

The entrance has been started as well with the builders descending upon the Centre with various intimidating tools. They soon left their mark as, within a couple of hours or so, the entrance and Hall 3 were reduced to empty shells.

Fishermead Trinity CentreCan you tell where this picture was taken? It’s looking in to the entrance (note the notice board still on the wall). The builders have opened up the ceiling to reveal the skylights above and what a difference it’s going to make.

At this point of the proceedings it’s all about removal and demolition but the builders have kept the areas clean and tidy (well as much as they can!) and have been very considerate to our users and staff.

On goes the work in the Entrance, already making it look far bigger and brighter and more welcoming. Finally, all that brown is disappearing and not before time.

Fishermead Trinity CentreThe new meeting room which was formally a storage area for tables and chairs is taking shape, with a glazed front toward the entrance in place of the old wooden partition which again improves the space in the Entrance.

Fishermead Trinity CentreTony’s new office is started in an old storage area at the end of Hall 3 and his old “Dungeon” of an office will become the new storage area. Only one piece of bad news, we haven’t got planning permission for the new window in Tonys office so for the time being he will have to pretend (Sorry Tony).Still his old “Dungeon” was a little embarrassing and anything would be better. The new office will be bigger, brighter and inspiring, are you listening Tony? We expect lots of hard work from you in this new space…(No pressure)

So, the builders finally got to the stage where the demolition had finished and they started painting. They have built a partition along Hall 3 so that users of Hall 3 are not disturbed by anyone going to the new Office. The pictures do not do justice to the area which is lovely, clean and bright and the exposed skylights add to the light and airy feel.

This is Hall 3 before the partitions were put in place.This is Hall 3 before the partitions were put in place.

And below is the new corridor by hall 3.



New corridor by Hall 3

And The Final Result!

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