Fishermead Trinity Centre

Computer Suite


The Fishermead Trinity Centre has fought its way to the final three in the hope of winning the prestigious STEP Grant award given by the Milton Keynes community Foundation. To be successful we need everyone to vote for us on May 5th with the cut off date of May 15th for all voters. Please help us in our quest to be successful as the benefits will include:

Greater job club facilities to help people back to work.

Pre-School educational programmes.

Craft club research and design.

The Fishermead Community Garden research centre.

Supplementary Education for children.

Food hygiene testing and other work based certification.

Access for people on low incomes.

Access for all that need a computer and the freedom to communicate.

Architect drawings for the project show what we are trying to achieve and we hope we can announce a successful conclusion in the very near future.

Please everyone can you share the link and go to here and vote for us before may 15th


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